As we can now see daylight at the end of the tunnel and re-openings taking place gradually in the next 2 weeks it is important that as business owners we have prepared our business and employees to promote a high degree of CONFIDENCE to the customer so they will feel welcome and safe from the virus.

The past 2 months have been a mental and financial strain on all businesses but now its time to step up, be thankful it wasn’t worse than it was and come out with a positive mindset as we literally open to a “new world”!

The following is a shortlist of thoughts and ideas depending on your type of business to apply for re-opening:

  1. Use our SBA partner NACOG to assist you in paying for the retraining of employees. Contact the local NACOG office and inquire.
  2. Have bottles of hand sanitizer available for customers and in sight.
  3. Think about a “Door person” for the initial month of opening. It’s an added service and reflects reactiveness.
  4. Put a big poster in your window listing the changes you have made.
  5. Take the time to retrain employees so they feel good about what you have done which will be reflective to the customer.
  6. Ask your employees about their opinions and ideas of other things.
  8. Employees must constantly be wiping down counters.
  9. Should employees be wearing a mask/glove?
  10. Supply chain—Talk with your vendors NOW—understand their status and product availability.
  11. Food Service- initially think about single-serve condiments and use of disposable utensils until the atmosphere settles down.

This has not been an easy time for businesses, employees and customers but if everyone applies what we’ve learned the past 8 weeks we will have as better chance of a successful recovery.

Stay Healthy,
Dick Milon
President –SCORE- Northern Arizona

Chairman Dick Milon's Recovery and Marketing Plan