SCORE Helps Graphic Artist Sketch Out a Plan


Mark Stafford is a graphic artist in the Prescott area who has a passion for commercial artwork and a long history in advertising.  He often finds himself as a leader among artists and as a consultant with other small business owners. When he needed business advice he turned to SCORE.


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The Pink Chapel Estate

Frick has worked with SCORE mentors Bob Cushman, Lori Murphy and Larry Grossman. Cushman helped Frick through the arduous task of creating a business plan. Murphy encouraged Frick... Read more

Stacy Frick
The Pink Chapel Estate
success story

English Garden Tea Room

The Moshiers’ SCORE mentor, Dick Milon, helped them find a location and negotiate a lease according to industry standards. He also advised them as they renovated the space and... Read more

Gidgette and Ken Moshier
Owner, English Garden Tea Room
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SCORE helps business move beyond convenience

Owners, Rick and Cindy Goodman purchased and plunged in to turn the convenience store into a profit making enterprise. This proved to be much more difficult than they had... Read more

Sheldon St Gas & Grill
Rick and Cindy Goodman, Sheldon St Gas & Grill
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SCORE is tweeting about Jay’s Bird Barn

How Moore learned about SCORE was through the articles in the Prescott Daily Courier. His first mentor was Ed Dragala. Moore had a previous business background and felt he didn’t... Read more

Eric and Gayla Moore
Owners, Jay's Bird Barn
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SCORE helps Prescott Winery float their cork

“I was trying to get an SBA loan and came across SCORE,” Smoot explained. “I spoke to someone in Phoenix who was with the SBA and he gave me the name of a SCORE counselor in... Read more

Bill Smoot
Owner, Prescott Winery
success story

SCORE goes wild for

As Moline began to formulate this venture she initially discussed it with her tax accountant, Roberta Motter, CPA, who suggested she contact SCORE. In stepped Fred Meek, one of... Read more

Angie Moline
EducateWild! LLC
success story

Advanced Behavior Treatment

SCORE has opened our eyes to the benefits of going into a partnership and educated us on reasons many partnerships succeed or fail. They also helped us identify areas of strength... Read more

Rich Neal/Tariq Farr
CEO/President, Advanced Behavior Treatment
success story

Back From Extinction After 40 years!

I attended all the SCORE workshops in 1993 when I invented the Sandbagger. They were very helpful with getting a small women-owned business loan. My current mentor has been... Read more

Stacey Kohler
CEO & Founder, Kiddy Crawler LLC