Stacy Frick’s inspiration to buy a 30-acre wedding and event venue began in the back of a silver Audi convertible. As a wedding photographer, Frick had been hired to shoot a drive-through wedding. As she snapped photos of the bride and groom in the front seat, the groom let slip how much the chapel charged for a similar service. Frick said immediately, “I’m opening a wedding chapel.”

Four years later, she runs The Pink Chapel Estate, with desert and mountain views, alfalfa fields, and five different venue areas from the intimate to the gigantic. Couples and families can choose fireworks, a hot air balloon send-off, horse-drawn carriages, and other fun additions. 

My successes. 

Frick successfully launched in November 2017 and now runs a unique rustic wedding, rodeo and quinceañera venue. She has also started a website and participated in the International Wedding Festival in Modesto, California.

How SCORE helped. 

Frick has worked with SCORE mentors Bob Cushman, Lori Murphy and Larry Grossman. Cushman helped Frick through the arduous task of creating a business plan. Murphy encouraged Frick to attend classes at her local library, where she learned about marketing and creating a website. Grossman helped Frick build confidence and encouraged her to use her resources to invest in the business, showing potential investors that she is all in.

The Pink Chapel Estate