What is your relationship with SCORE? 
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How SCORE helped. 

SCORE addressed the Bigs. Jerry Jenkins, past SCORE No AZ Chapter Chair , and Logan Enright, Certified Mentor and Chapter Webmaster, presented the SCORE™  way of mentoring to the “Bigs” (as they refer to themselves), the members of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yavapai ( at the Prescott Resort on January 11th. The two presented, at the Prescott Resort and Confernce Center, the SCORE™ methodology of SLATE, emphasizing listening as the key ingredient of mentoring. Several other groups offered other mentoring practices in breakout groups at this well attended event. Local SCORE clients in attendance reported to get a lot out of the presentation, and the members of the Bigs and SCORE went away with lots of hope and plans for a future together!

SCORE and the Bigs